Disney on Ice Toy Story 3

When my eldest son was three or four, my father and I took him to a Disney on Ice production.  We paid through the nose for front row seats then paid even more for cotton candy and a Buzz Lightyear light up toy.  My son had an okay time until the march of the Disney princesses began.  My son declared Disney on Ice to be “for girls” and turned his nose up to other productions in more recent years.  I stopped paying attention to when Disney on Ice was playing at the HP Pavilion, knowing it wasn’t a good fit for my family.

On a whim, my spouse bought two tickets for Disney on Ice presents Toy Story 3.  I feared that the production would include a march of Barbies, but crossed my fingers that it would stick to the movie plot where female characters are strong leads like cowgirl Jessie and not frilly dames in waiting like Cinderella.  On Saturday, I sent my spouse along in hopes that my son would think it was cool for boys to go see ice skating.

When they returned home, the most I could get from my almost 8 year old was that the show was “cool” and that he “really liked it.”  I asked if there were any princesses and he rolled his eyes as he always does these days and said “Toy Story doesn’t have any princesses,” in his most wannabe tween voice.  From what I could gather:

  • Mickey, Donald, and Goofy kick off the show
  • The “green army men” have the best routine
  • There is a short Barbie routine, but it is manageable for boys like mine
  • It changed my son’s opinion of ice skating shows being only for girls

With past Disney on Ice shows having a major focus on the Princesses of Disney, I was thrilled to hear that this one focused on the toy heroes of Toy Story.

Disney on Ice presents Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 3 has moved east to Oakland’s ORACLE Arena from Feb 29 till March 4 so more families can join in the fun. 

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