Reminiscing Over Drunk Food from the Past

This morning I posted an article on my Facebook page for my old college friends to see: a Jack in the Box not far from our old campus was allowed to go back to operating into the morning hours. I haven’t been there for well over a decade, but I know that Jack in the Box well. It was frequented by much of my school for exactly the reason the restaurant was granted extended hours: “it helps people not be as drunk.”

The quick back story, the Richmond district Jack in the Box had been operating 24 hours a day, but a rash of violence leaded to officials finding that the restaurant did not have a permit to run 24 hours. After an application, angry neighbors, and a hearing, Jack in the Box can stay open until 4 a.m. to provide more late night food options for drunks. Truly. That was the justification.

There weren’t a lot of fast food or late night options near campus, but the Jack in the Box was just down the way from a bunch of the pubs we frequented. A friend stuck to the notion that Coca Cola and a hamburger were the perfect antidote to a night of hard drinking, which is pretty much what the San Francisco Entertainment Commission said. There was the story once of an acquaintance who fell asleep eating a hamburger, woke up the next morning with the hamburger still in her hands, and she continued to eat it. That disgusted me then, at age 21, when my food standards were much lower, which really says something. But it was college. We were young, having fun, and knew this wasn’t going to be a lifestyle that would be maintained long-term (at least most of us knew that).

The story today was a victory for the current students, even though they probably have a late night organic option, a wheat grass juice bar, or pizza place nearby with cornmeal crust and veggies. Sometimes you just need cheap, greasy drunk food after last call.

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