Goodbye to Redwood City Chevy’s, We Kind of Loved You

One night over the holidays, we decided to order takeout from Chevy’s in Redwood City, but when I tried to look up the location phone number on the corporate site, it didn’t come up. I kept getting referred to the restaurants a few towns away. We found the number elsewhere, but no one answered, which is when we saw the all caps word on Yelp: CLOSED!

We were crushed. Chevy’s is far from our favorite restaurant – it’s a chain, not authentic Mexican food, not even 1980s style Mexican food, like Celia’s, but it was easy with the kids, and Chevy’s salsa is the best. Usually we’d get dinner from Chevy’s as a way of justifying a trip across town for salsa. Costco sells Chevy’s salsa, but it’s not the same. The real salsa is fresh, and if lucky, a little warm, which is perfect with the warm and salty chips.

The closure is part of the company’s bankruptcy filing last year, coming right at the holidays, terminating a bunch of people at an awful time. It was a big location, much bigger than any other Chevy’s I’ve seen, which meant often there were back rooms unused or open tables, but still a wait for seats because there was only enough staff to serve a smaller version of the restaurant. There are other Chevy’s restaurants around, including what I call Romantic Chevy’s in Foster City because the restaurant is on the water, yet however romantic, it’s too far for salsa, and really far enough that for the effort, I’d rather go to a nicer restaurant. The ease of our old Chevy’s is gone.

Now I’m hungry for salsa. I miss Chevy’s Redwood City.

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