Suddenly, Everyone has Found the 49er Faith

I stood through most of Saturday’s 49er game, too nervous and tense to sit down for more than a minute or two at a time. I felt better in a spot, about 20 feet away from the TV, which, because I am superstitious, became my lucky spot. Sometimes I’d make slight adjustments, like old rabbit ears on a TV, leaning this way or that, to alter the outcome. For three hours, I focused 100% on the game, and much like when I stay awake on an airplane because I believe my focus keeps the plane aloft, last Saturday, my focus helped the 49ers win.

My husband tells me I am crazy, that I have no impact on the outcome of the game – or of the airplane flight, for that matter – but I continue believing in my nutty ways.

As the 49ers won and edged closer than expected this year to the Superbowl, I rejoiced with the rest of the 49er Faithful. Now that the news has spread, seeping down to those who don’t follow football, the bandwagon jumpers are out. People would don’t know the AFC from the NFC are rooting the team on. On one hand, it’s regional pride, which is great, on the other, it’s people trying to crowd their way into the party. We went through this when the Giants won the World Series, and by the time the next season began, most of the championship-only fans had forgotten.

My devout Catholic grandmother hated going to Mass on Christmas and Easter. She attended Mass each and every week, but hated when everyone found religion at the holidays and showed up to be seen and mark it off their to-do list. My grandmother thought there needed to be reserved pews for the regulars who were there every week, leaving the holiday only Catholics toward the back, in the standing room only section.

This is a part of human nature, but still, I cannot let it go. There are the hipsters who hate when their favorite indie band goes mainstream, or the foodies who let you know they went to that restaurant months ago or the kid who yells, “I was here first!” which is really what we are all saying.

As I watch my friends who don’t follow sports post on Facebook about how much fun the football game is or something uplifting if – god forbid – the Niners lose, I’ll try to keep some perspective. Maybe in the future, these friends won’t act bewildered when I block out Sundays for football or evenings for baseball games because they will somewhat understand. I went to Mass every week and the fans jumping on the bandwagon can’t take that away from me. Go Niners!

  1. January 18, 2012
  2. January 18, 2012
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