Should Santa Have a Wish List Deadline?

Feeling organized and ahead of the game, I bought my son the Hogwarts Lego set at Costco over a month ago. He had been eyeing his sister’s set – the more expensive and detailed Hogwarts – so when a less expensive version made its way to Costco, I jumped on it. I imagined how happy he’d be on Christmas morning when he saw his own Hogwarts castle, and while the credit would go to Santa, I’d feel great about it. This was all great for about a week until he went to see Santa at the mall. The Lego Hogwarts wasn’t mentioned at all, and when I gently suggested it, he said no, he’d moved on.

I waited a little before returning it, hoping he’d change his mind, and while his list has been amended almost daily, Hogwarts has never appeared on it, so back it went today. I explained nothing was wrong with the product, but that my son’s wish list had changed. That’s when the Costco employee told me she gives her son one list revision, telling him Santa doesn’t have time for more changes. This is a great solution: Santa needs a deadline. After all, those elves have a lot of work to do, and flip flopping on a wish list puts a strain on inventory and worker overtime.

Amazon Prime has been my holiday savior, allowing me to wait almost to the last minute before making some decisions, but like Santa, Amazon has inventory restrictions too, and we’ve already seen one product go out and another raise in price by nearly $40. Next year, Santa may require a Dec. 1 wish list deadline. It makes sense for all of the holiday workers, including mom and dad.

The Hogwarts castle didn’t last long at Costco. When a woman saw me place it on the returns counter, she stopped her cart, pointed to the box and asked to buy it, saying, “My grandson just asked for that!”

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