Support Guatemalan Children, Hang Out with Guy Kawasaki

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to go to a party at a home not so far from mine that made me miss my kids. The backyard at the Kawasaki’s home is kid heaven. That night, there was a swimming pool, a huge sandbox, stuff for roller hockey, air hockey, and probably so much more that I was missing. My kids would have loved to be there, well, minus all the adults cluttering up the places to play. This weekend, that same backyard in Atherton will be the family place to be, going off the scale of fun by adding train rides, a petting zoo, family portraits, crafts, music Carlos Peña, the Latin American Idol Winner, Guatemalan food, and a bonfire with s’mores. It will be a day overflowing with fun, all to support the Semillas de Amor Children’s Village.

At one time Semillas de Amor was a self-sustained village for Guatemalan children to stay briefly before being adopted. Adoptions have stopped and now the village is a permanent place for children to grow up, where they can receive love, social and psychological support, and education. At-risk children are offered education and a safe, supportive place, while those unable to live with their biological families are given a home. That, of course, takes money. This is where we come in.

Guy and Beth Kawasaki are opening up their home in Atherton Oct. 15 for the Festival de Familias, to help raise money to support Semillas de Amor. Tickets are $150 per adult, which includes admission for two children (extra child passes are available for $50 each). Not only are the children of Semillas de Amor supported by the ticket price, but $100 of the adult price is tax deductible. That’s a great deal for an amazing event. Beyond helping children, it’s worth it just for the geek bragging rights. (“Yeah, this weekend I hung out with Guy Kawasaki. At his house. No biggie.”)

Honored at the event will be Nancy Bailey, founder of the village after an amazing story. Join in the day, have fun with your children, while helping many others in Guatemala.

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