Turning My Kids Into Road Warriors

Last week, I packed up the car for a family road-trip to Disneyland and San Diego for the BlogHer conference.  Incorporating a family vacation into a business trip had the makings for a disaster – especially when having to keep a second grader and a rear-facing infant happily occupied for as many hours as possible to avoid making an 8-hour car ride a 12-hour one instead.

Yes, we tried to travel during bed-times (on the way down to LA) and nap-times (on the way back up from San Diego), but 6-8 hours in the car meant there would be plenty of awake time.  The beloved GPS was a life-saver when road construction meant a hour-plus delay on I-5; we never would have known back roads that could not only re-route us away from the traffic but also shave time off our trip. 

With a full car, I didn’t want to add our portable DVD player (a typical must-have for all road-trips over 3 hours).  Not knowing how often we would have to stop, I didn’t want the added pressure of having to store the DVD player during pit stops.  So instead, I packed only our Sony PSP player (with 2 new games), the iPod Touch, and a notepad for my seven year old.  For the baby, I bought some new toys and brought the old favorites to switch out whenever necessary.  Add to it a giant bag of drinks and snacks to keep everyone hydrated and happy, we set off for a trip to Southern Calfornia.  The road trips (minus the LA traffic) turned out to be a pleasant time filled with family bonding and even some fun.

Now onto the real *fun* part: having to unpack!

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  1. August 21, 2011
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