Back to School Is A Nightmare for Commuters

Bay Area Commuters, can we chat for a minute? We are in the midst of Back to School season.  Some districts in Silicon Valley started this week, but most begin next week.  While working parents are so excited that the craziness of summer scheduling is drawing to an end, a whole new nightmare is about to begin.  The commute!

Every year, I dread the commute that follows back to school.  It’s as if the majority of you have forgotten a thing or two about commuting on the worst freeways in California. I’m not holding it against you that you weren’t on the interstate this summer. In fact, summer is my favorite time of the school year. Less cars + less traffic = less time to commute to work.  But now that we are all back to school, let’s review how to be a considerate commuter.

The Art of Merging

 On-coming Commuters, you cannot expect to merge when you are going 25 miles an hour on a freeway with a 65mph speed limit. Get up to speed as quick as you can. You scare the sh*t out of us drivers already on the road. And while we are at it, don’t be trying to cut all the way to the front of the lane by driving on the side of the road. It is unsafe, illegal, and annoying.  Drivers on the Road, please give those who are merging onto the freeway a little room. Really, it is not a race. You don’t have to snub the competition. Give yourself some good karma and let another car in. But you don’t have to let every single car in. If you let five cars in a row in front of you, you will actually get bad karma from all the drivers who haven’t moved behind you.

The Carpool Lane is Not a Race Track

The Carpool Lane Drivers of the Carpool Lane, last time I checked you were still bound by the same speed limit laws. So slow down a little. I know the excitement you feel when getting to pass all those suckers other drivers who don’t have a carpool buddy. But riding on my a$$ when I am going the speed limit is excessive. With power comes responsibility, so take a chill pill and don’t let the power of the carpool lane get to you.

Keep it Clean

Real people with real feelings are driving behind the wheel. These people are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Yes, you may think that they are all royal idiots but really you don’t have to scream, curse, give the birdie or embody the a$$hole you are calling the other driver. Take a deep breath, listen to the smooth jazz station, put some aromatherapy bath salts in your car.

And if you truly can’t stop from being the terror on the freeway… take the train.

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