San Francisco’s Ross is Better Than Ever

If we were on Foursquare, this would be me taking the Mayorship from my sister

You know the Ross store on Market Street, across from the giant Old Navy? You’ve probably seen it, maybe even been in there. I hadn’t been in a few years until last night when I went to see the revamped store unveiled, and the change was impressive.

My sister and I have been to our fair share of Ross stores. We found out last night that there are 1,000 Ross stores, which almost seemed small to me because anytime we travel around the west, my family would shout out when we spotted a store, then debate whether we should stop in or not. The store on Market wasn’t very welcoming, so it never became a regular stop, and we could be standing outside of the store, but still wouldn’t go in.

That’s may change now that the Market Street store has been redone. It’s much more welcoming and friendly. The floors are better organized (shoes are now at the ground level, I used to hate that they were all the way at the top before), the store is clean, the checkout much smoother, and the whole experience much nicer.

Ross has always been a bit of a hunting expedition, which for us, is part of the fun. Sometimes you go in and find nothing, other times, there the store is full of amazing finds. The kids section particularly can be full of great deals on name brands. I once almost bought a Brown University sweatshirt at my local Ross. I didn’t, because I didn’t need a sweatshirt, but it was just funny to find Ivy League school gear for a price at Ross that was probably a fourth of what it would cost at the school bookstore.

The Ross on Market Street is worth a second look.

Disclosure: I was given a $50 gift card at Ross to try out the updated store. The opinions are my own.

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