Are You Friends With Your Babysitter on Facebook?

Eva is our nanny.  Our beloved, trusted, don’t ever think of leaving us for another family, nanny.  We love her.  Our baby loves her. My 7 year old tries to make her his personal playmate whenever he’s home. 

We were very lucky in our nanny search.  Eva is best friends with my (much younger) cousin.  She attended the high school where my father works.  While she wasn’t in my circle of friends, she was in my circle and it worked out.  I like to think that it didn’t just work out for my family, but that it worked out for her too. 

Last week, Eva posted on her Facebook wall about falling asleep when she was putting Cooper to sleep.  I saw the post because I’m friends with her on Facebook.  It didn’t bother me that when rocking Cooper and listening to lullabies in a dark room that she took a siesta herself; I probably would have done the same thing.  But when I mentioned to a friend that I’m friends with our nanny on Facebook, she was shocked.  Shocked that I requested it (I reached out to Eva on the site) and shocked that she accepted.

For me, it would have been a red flag if she didn’t.  For the most part, I don’t pay attention to our nanny’s posts on Facebook.  It doesn’t bother me if on a weekend she’s talking about going out with friends or staying up all night.  She’s a young woman in her early twenties — going out and staying up all night is par for the course.  Now if she wrote those things while she was caring for my children, then she’d be fired.  

But seeing her post sweet updates about my sweet boy lets me know that she’s becoming a part of our family.  And that my son is in good hands while I’m working.

Are you friends with your babysitter on Facebook?

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