If You Build It, They Will Come

Summer break has either started or is about to start all over the Bay Area. The buzz among the moms has shifted to summer plans and coordinating camps.  Remember that old saying from that Kevin Costner blockbuster of the 90s?  If you build it, they will come. In the movie, they were talking about baseball.  But it turns out, the same goes for lots of Summer-time activities.

  • If you build a fort, every kid in your neighborhood will show up to play in it.
  • If you cut up all the fruit in the house, your kids will gobble it up before you even set the bowl on the table.
  • And if you find a summer camp that they love, they’ll practically jump from the moving car just to get there a minute sooner.

All true.

There are times when I think our favorite camp must have “If you build it, they will come” as their company motto.  Once you’ve been to one Closing Ceremony at Camp Galileo, you’d know that their motto is more like, “If they built it, they will come.”  In one week, my child came home with more artwork and science projects than in a whole year of school.  And that’s at a school that emphasizes Art and Science.

At Camp Galileo, campers get hands-on with art, science and outdoor activities every day.  But it’s more than just fun learning.  With a rubber chicken song, water ball, and enough skits to make a Girl Scout jealous, the camp has become a regular Summer tradition in our house.  While I also pay for a week of Lego Camp (called “Babysitting with Legos” in our house), I honestly look forward to Camp Galileo just as much as my kid.  This year, my son will literally be building it as he embarks on Lost in the Forbidden City theme and will work with his friends to build a kid-friendly city.  I can’t wait to hear his ideas for making a city for kids rather than adults.

If they built it, they will learn.  Just don’t tell them that.  They just think it’s a fun Summer camp.  We, moms, know the difference.

Disclosure: I’ve paid for multiple weeks of Camp Galileo in the past.  This summer, I was lucky enough to be a part of the blogger outreach program and received a free week of camp for my entering-second grader.  Had Galileo not offered the free week of camp, I would have paid for the camp just like in years past.  The opinions expressed above are my own.

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