Can We Stop Talking About “Balance?”

I attended a workshop last week for women in the corporate world.  Most of the seminar was cliche (find your courage, blah blah blah), but this one point stuck out.  The trainer quoted this from the Atlantic Journal, written in 1833:

“The world is too big for us.  Too much is going on, too many crimes, too much violence and excitement.  Try as you will, you get behind in the race in spite of yourself.  It is an incessant strain to keep pace and still you lose ground.  Science empties its discoveries on you so fast you stagger beneath them in hopeless bewilderment.  The political world is new changing so fast that you’re out of breath trying to keep pace with who’s in and who’s out.  Everything is high pressure.  Human nature can’t endure much more.”

The more things change, the more the stay the same.

Interesting to see that this idea of balance hasn’t existed for over 175 years.  Time to let go of the concept of work-life balance, don’t you think?

I’m calling for a new work-life revolution.  Let’s debunk the b-word.  Balance should be banned!  This isn’t about balancing on a tight rope.  This is about making priorities, living amongst those priorities, and recognizing when the priorities have to change. 

As Maria Shriver says, you only get one wild and crazy life.  To put YOUR wild and precious life at the end of the line is no longer acceptable.

Who’s with me?

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