Spreading His Wings Without His Sister

Being the second born, my son is rarely alone. He hasn’t had to blaze his own trail quite yet, and he’s content to follow the path laid out by his sister. This week he stepped out on his own for the first time, going away for two nights to his grandparents’ house without his sister. Earlier this month, he wouldn’t have been brave enough to go alone, but due to different schools and different Spring Break vacations, his sister spent a few days of her break with the grandparents, and when she returned, she was full of stories about being spoiled and holding a bag full of dollar store trinkets. The boy’s mind was changed. Suddenly, he was brave enough to go without his sister if it meant dessert every night, maybe a trip to the movies, and a certain run through the dollar store. He asked to go for an ambitious five nights, but we settled on two to make sure he was okay and because keeping up with a four year old boy is a lot of energy for grandparents to expend.

The trip was a success. I talked to him each night, but only briefly because he had to get back to whatever he was doing. One night the TV was on and that novelty was more exciting than talking to mom. The other night he was babbling on about his day, then said, “Papa Bob is putting a cherry on top of my ice cream! Bye bye!” He put down the phone, but forgot to hang up, so I got to listen to him snarf down his sundae until he remembered I was still on the line.

He’s enjoyed his time being the center of attention. He showed off improvised scooter tricks and his didn’t have to negotiate over which movie to see of whether or not to ride around the block. I think it was fun for my parents to get him on his own too, even though my mom asked if he ever stops talking. “He just talks and talks and talks.” Welcome to my world.

His confidence grew this trip too. He was initially worried about being without his sister, but he conquered his fears and had a great time. It may be time for Mr. Chatty to evolve into Mr. Independent.

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