Gnomeo & Juliet: A Perfect Family Date Night Movie


I love gnomes. I’ve embroidered a gnome, I own an unhealthy amount of gnome-patterned fabric, and my next craft project is gnome-centered (if only I could find the time). I can’t explain this love – maybe they are the adult-version of fairies? Or Smurfs? They’re just so cute with their hats, beards, and jackets. My love for gnomes is why I jumped when we saw the preview for Gnomeo & Juliet while watching Tangled with the kids and grandparents over Christmas break. I thought that no matter the storyline, Gnomeo & Juliet would be pretty enough to justify the ticket price.

I was right that the movie was visually perfect – the gnomes are cute, their environment is beautiful – but even better, the story was great. We loved this movie. Obvious from the title, the movie is a take on Romeo and Juliet, which is addressed right from the start as the cutest little gnome ever explains it’s a story that has been told many times before, and throughout the film via various Shakespeare references (“Out, out,” “damned Spot!” being my favorite). The movie was funny, with jokes appealing to kids and parents, and the 84 minutes flew by. My daughter laughed at the jokes and when the movie ended, she said she was glad she got to see the movie early because this way she could tell all of her friends to see it right away. (Word of mouth marketing works at the pint sized level too.)

Of course, this scene knocked the movie out of the park for my daughter:


A ninja gnome. Our interests combined into something awesome. This is one movie where I am actually hoping for product tie-ins. (The movie website has cute printable activities for the kids.)

Don’t have a babysitter for Valentine’s Day? Make it a family date night and see this movie together. It’s a love story for all ages. Everyone will leave smitten.

Disclosure: I was given two passes to an advanced screening of Gnomeo & Juliet. I love the movie enough to pay to see it again with my son.

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