A New Grocery Store is on Its Way!

I live in a nice, typical suburban neighborhood. It’s not our dream location, preferring to live in an area that is walking distance to, well, anything. The ranch style houses are around 50 years old, their original owners just beginning to move out (or sadly, pass away) and younger families are moving in. Our elementary school is in walking distance. But there is no good grocery store nearby.

There are two Safeways, each about a mile away from our house. (Yes, I suppose they are technically walking distance, but not with a week’s worth of groceries). They are older stores, small, and without any of the extras like a bakery, bank or adequate lighting. When we first moved here, my husband and I referred to them as the crappy Safeway and the s**tty Safeway, as in, “We need milk. Should I run out?” “Sure honey, but don’t go to the crappy Safeway, the lines are always too long.”

I prefer to do our shopping at some combination of Trader Joe’s and Costco. TJ’s has great everyday items, especially for my son’s lunchbox, and I can stock up on things like paper towels and chicken breasts at Costco. But sometimes I need something for a recipe, like chard or Diet Coke, and I don’t want to make multiple trips with a toddler. I just want to go to a full service grocery store.

If I just needed a few things, I used to go to our local PW market, but sadly that closed a few months ago, and they never had the brand of formula I used (though that’s not an issue anymore). Sometimes I go to Nob Hill, which does have the benefits of a Peet’s Coffee and self-service checkouts. Whole Foods is great, but I don’t always feel like spending our Whole Paycheck. So when I’ve got a big list, I go to Safeway. My favorite location is over 2 miles away, hardly a long distance once you’re already in the car, but somehow that extra mile just seems excessive. Have you seen gas prices these days? Every little bit counts.

So I was really excited to learn that a new Safeway is opening up on the site where a now-closed Mervyn’s used to be – a mere 1.7 miles from my house. I just know it is going to be big and bright and shiny. Will it have a bakery and a deli? A pharmacy? A Starbucks and a full service Wells Fargo? I know there will be a Safeway gas station there, although I have a hard time getting excited about that part.

There are some other small buildings on the site. I’m really curious to know what they’ll be. If they put in an In ‘n Out, I think I may never move.

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