The Stress of School Calendars Out of Sync

My daughter’s school gets a week of for Winter Break, which used to be known as ski week, but the name was scrapped as to not offend people unable to ski (or something like that). We plan to go to the snow during the week off and while making plans for the week, I suddenly realized that my son may not have the same days off. Yes, I should have thought of this sooner, but because he’s only in preschool, the consequences of missing school are small.

This mismatch forced me to look ahead to Spring Break and I found that not only do they not overlap, but they are two weeks apart. So much for any family time. The conflicting holidays would have been much worse if both of my kids were older and couldn’t miss additional time from school. Or what if I worked in an office and needed to find childcare? Now I look forward to spending one week balancing work and a bored eight year old and another week balancing work and a chatty four year old. Hooray for vacation.

Local schools need to get their calendars somewhat in sync. Of course every town in different, but in Silicon Valley, many elementary schools have a calendar that is different from the local high schools. Or many attend private schools that set calendars with indifference toward the nearby public school schedule. It’s all a mess of dates and days off. Growing up, everyone school in our county pretty much shared the same vacation dates, give or take a few, despite being in several different school districts. It made life easier and more predictable.

Of course, my son doesn’t get the same dates off next month, so we’ll take him out of school for what will end up being a week and a half of vacation because once my daughter’s school starts up again, his short break begins. By going away during his sister’s vacation, my son will miss Valentine’s Day parties at school, but the fun of playing in the snow should compensate for the loss. Beginning next year, my kids will be at the same school for a few years, making some things easier, but once my daughter moves onto the next school, the vacation shuffle begins once again.

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