Getting in Shape with Groupon

Nearly ever day for the past week, I’ve voluntarily subjected myself to a complete sweat fest, dripping like I’ve never done before.  I’m not against sweating when I exercise, my body is just not very efficient, which is maybe why I’m enjoying my new Bikram Yoga class so much.  “Enjoy” may not be the right word, but I feel surprisingly refreshed after 90 minutes of painful stretching surrounded by scantily clad sweaty men and women.  The good news, besides the fact that it’s good for me, of course, is the class cost me a mere $30 for the first month thanks to the phenomenon known as deal-of-the-day, in this case Groupon.  They’ve also sent me down to the Almaden Gym, a bit out of my neighborhood, but those Zumba and yoga classes where the average age is well north of mine are just my speed.  No, I have no shame and the old men are just dolls, putting my bouncy balls away and joking with the instructor all through class.

Sometime in the next few months I’ll start getting up at some ungodly hour to check out a boot camp from Fit for Life, whose website looks like a late night infomercial, but it’s a 45 minute indoor boot camp, how bad could it be?  This is from Plum District, then it’s off to get my body art thanks to Juice in the City.  Oops, not sure how that’ll get me into shape.  You can see I have no particular loyalty to these deal sites, although my brain can only handle so many, so sorry for all you new ones popping up.  This situation is ideal for me, as after more years and more gym memberships than I can count, a few soccer teams and triathlons, and my trusty Nintendo Wii, I’ve realized I will never find that one sport, or that one fitness trend that will make me a lifetime member.  I even got sucked into that whole “join with a friend” tip, guess who was the only friend who went on a regular basis?  I don’t miss running, I’m not too bummed when my soccer games get rained out, and sadly I cannot afford a year-long personal trainer, so while this fitness-hopping may not be what these businesses intended when they signed me up, it works for me.

I’m a bit bummed about the yoga, though, I am really enjoying it.  It’s at least a two hour commitment each time, however, and my kids’ and co-workers are losing patience with my long absences.  So look for me at another local joint in February, or better yet, join me.  I’m sure we’ll get each other to go.

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