I Like It on the Kitchen Table

There is a meme flying around Facebook that has gone viral. Unless you live under a rock I can’t see how you would have missed it. Women all over the world have been posting things like, “I like it on the kitchen counter” or “I like it on the living room floor.” It is meant to bring awareness to Breast Cancer.

I will admit, I don’t see the purpose of it. I participated mainly because I wanted to show that I think about breast cancer and support awareness of it. I don’t think that posting where I like to put my purse is going to do anything to change the world, but I think that anything that people do to get people talking is good.

Recently, I logged onto Facebook and saw that there was some backlash going on about this meme. To be honest, it pissed me off.

The basis of the backlash was based on a letter that a respected blogger, who is also battling cancer, sent to Salon.com. Without including the whole letter, it basically said that “Playing games in the name of breast cancer, or purchasing pink products that donate a penny to the cause, is just insulting.” It went on to say, “If you want to raise awareness, talk about the signs of cancer. If you want to support research, donate directly to an organization like the American Cancer Society. If you think the government should fund more cancer research, call your Senator.”

I took a deep breath and thought about what I wanted to say. I tend to say things sometimes without really thinking them through. Because I do this, I sometimes come across bitchy or hurt someone’s feelings and I didn’t want to do that because I can see this blogger’s point. After some thought, here is what I said….

”I don’t have cancer. Never have and pray that I never will. This kind of letter makes me mad though. Doing ANYTHING to help raise awareness is doing SOMETHING.

Not everyone has the resources, knowledge, education or depth to call a senator. Turning a photo pink on your Facebook page is simply acknowledging breast cancer. What makes me even more mad is that this controversy only seems to surround breast cancer. If I add a yellow Livestrong band to a photo there is never ONE complaint, not one.

I guess I just wish that people would see this as people doing the best they can. If it is turning a photo pink, wearing a pink ribbon, “liking it on the kitchen floor” or purchasing products that give back, they are doing SOMETHING! We are all just doing the best we can.”

I live in Silicon Valley. I pay nearly $2000 in rent so that I can provide a safe home for my daughter. I buy my groceries with coupons every week so that I can make the almighty dollar work for me. I don’t have any extra money to give to causes no matter how honorable they are. I have done so in the past, donating thousands of dollars to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society through Team in Training but right now, I just don’t have the capacity to do so. Instead I choose to do small things like turning a photo pink, purchasing a $1 support ribbon or participating in a meme.

Sometimes people need to take a deep breath and take something at face value. Do women think that we are going to rid the world of or find a cure for cancer by participating in a cute little meme? I hope not. But I also hope that people see that we are all just trying to do what we can, what we think is right and if that isn’t enough for you, then I am sorry.

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