Supermom Saved by the San Jose Parks and Rec

I’ve known for years that the only way to get into the Summer Camps you want is to register in March; months before you really should have to plan out your summer vacation. Emails went flying around my son’s class group email about who was signing up for where and when so that parents could try to coordinate camps with friends. I even told another mom that we were signing up for particular weeks of the YMCA Lego Camp so that my son and his BFF could be together for two weeks in the summer.

And then my morning sickness kicked in full force. The camp brochures sat on my desk for weeks collecting dust. I knew that I needed to sign up to get the camps that we wanted. I knew that I had promised my son two weeks of Lego Camp. But I didn’t do anything about it. Over two months passed before I finally logged into the Y’s online registration. When I finally did get around to it, all of the camps that we wanted, in the week that we wanted, were booked solid. No Lego Camp. No Super Hero camp. No Magic Camp. There were weeks that were available for camps, but we weren’t available to attend it. I felt like a total failure as a mom in that moment as I desperately tried to find a single camp that worked.

On our weekly trip to our local library, I saw that the new Summer Activity Guide for San Jose was available. I snagged one in hopes that I’d be able to redeem my camp enrollment failures. I wasn’t expecting to hit the jackpot in affordable camps.

There was Harry Potter! Mad Science! Skateboarding! And a dozen Lego camps throughout the summer. Some were half-day, some were full-day, and so many were available on the weeks that I desperately needed to work without a bored child asking me a dozen times in an hour when we were going to do something fun. But the best part was that enrollment didn’t begin in March, but at a reasonable time in mid-May. Every class we wanted still had availability.
My status as Best Mom is the Whole Wide World was restored by the San Jose Parks and Rec. I’ll take my super-mom cape in fire-engine red, please.

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